Please read the description of both Professional and Private Party Clients to determine what classification describes you.  Then select the link below. SCCO’s Warrant Apprehension Team offers the option of both surrender and physical apprehension based on case details and client preference.

Submission through this page only initiates a case creation within SCCO.  Please be advised that SCCO will not proceed until we have possession of an Original Capias order issued from the respective Court, a Completed and signed Capias/Warrant Apprehension Agreement (emailed following submission) and a respective retainer amount based on the package details (private party clients only).  You may drop off or mail the above listed items after completion. We also ask that you review our Legal Disclaimer prior to submission.

Professional Clients

Industry Professional (IE: Attorney, Property Manager, Business Owner, etc.) seeking action against individuals and/or other entity


Private Party Clients

Service request is not based on your profession, and you are an individual seeking action against another individual and/or business