Judgment Recovery Department

A Judgment is a ruling by that respective court regarding the case presented before them. In short it is the written decision of the facts and law supporting the court’s decision.  If ruled in the Plaintiffs favor there is usually a monetary amount in which the court states you are owed from the Defendant.  The Defendant then has a legal obligation to remedy this amount to the Plaintiff under reasonable means. At times this can be a lump sum settlement, or perhaps specified payment terms agreed to by both parties.  If no payment agreement can be met, the court may issue further rulings defining the terms of the agreement.

Massachusetts Judgments are enforceable for 20 years and may be renewed if the Plaintiff notifies court that the judgment remains unsatisfied, in whole or in part.  Enforcement is only allowed after; the time for appeal has ended, until appeal is decided, if there is no appeal, or you win again on appeal.  If a Judgment is obtained and the Defendant makes remedy within 30 days there is no further legal process to be sought.  The Plaintiff needs to complete a Satisfaction of Judgment within 10 days and submit this form to the respective court acknowledging the judgment has been satisfied.

Once you have obtained a Judgment in your favor the next step is enforcing said Judgment, provided the debtor/defendant has not already satisfied willingly.  There are many different options to enforce said judgment and below is a list of some of those which are described in more detail on the Options Post Judgment page.

  • Ask for Payment
  • Payment Review Hearing
  • Notice to Show Cause
  • Civil Capias/Warrant
  • Writ of Execution
  • Demand on Execution
  • Levy on Execution
  • Levy on Real Estate

Suffolk County Constable’s Office has worked with clients both big and small helping to collect on their judgments.  Each situation and client is unique so we like to first sit down with you and figure out what the best plan of attack will be.  Once determined we take a surgical approach helping you get the most out of every action taken. Our team of fully licensed, bonded, and insured Constables use every tool and technique at their disposal to help satisfy your judgment.

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