New Website Design

Suffolk County Constable’s Office is pleased to announce the release of our newly designed website.  Our website is intended to be interactive with our clients and we welcome any questions or comments you may have.  It covers many key areas of Civil Law Enforcement and helps guide you through different processes.  Below is a list of areas our website will cover:


  • What is a Capias?
  • Your options once you receive a Capias
  • How SCCO can help with your Capias needs

Civil Process Servings

  • The service rules are required for each serving
  • Outcomes and process of each Civil Process Serving
  • How SCCO can help with your Civil Process Serving needs


  • A step by step guide through the eviction process
  • Detailed descriptions of each step
  • How SCCO can help with your Eviction needs

Judgment Recovery

  • How to collect on your judgments
  • Pro’s and Con’s of each option
  • How SCCO can help with your Judgment Recovery needs

FAQs & Helpful Links

  • Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions
  • Useful and educational links to valuable content

New Web Submission Format

  • No originals needed!  Complete the web submission then email or fax us copies of what you want us to serve
  • Access to Eviction Notice to Quit templates specific to your type of tenancy
  • New and improved submission layouts