1. Reputation is Everything
      • Reputation is a highly influential and efficient mechanism of social control in society.  SCCO is in the field every day completing Capias Arrests, Evictions, Probate Service, Utility Warrants, Judgment Recovery and many more services. We have earned our reputation as an office that will follow through with each case
  2. Image Makes a Difference
      • Appearance plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of any civil process service. That is why all SCCO employees are uniformed and professionally dressed when completing all service
  3. Putting Ourselves Out of Work
      • Our success is measured by how little you need our services, not how much.  Our goal is to serve 14 day notice to quit and NOT have to move to the next step
  4. Communication Offers Peace of Mind
      • Constant communication on the status of your request is not an after-thought. Immediate notification of completion provides worry-free peace of mind that your request is being taken care of
  5. Having What You Misplaced
      • Our proprietary software documents every case current and completed, granting us fingertip access instantly.  At court and unable locate your Return of Service?  A quick phone call to our office will remedy that issue
  6. Knowledge and Experience Cannot be Replaced
      • Knowing and adhering to Massachusetts General Laws and Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure when it comes to your service is not optional.  The excuse “I didn’t know” is not acceptable
  7. Providing the Same Quality Service Every Time
      • Our system is designed to follow very strict guidelines and steps that ensure you receive the same high level of service every time
  8. Our Job is Not Just to Complete Service
      • We are enlisted to provide your company with Professional Solutions for Professional Problems. We are always there to do our job, but understand that preventing our job from having to happen can be the best result for our clients
  9. So Much we Guarantee it
      • We stand behind our product. So, in that spirit we offer our 30 Day Guarantee
  10. The Industry Norm is No Longer the Industry Norm
      • We are here to raise the bar on what is expected from your service provider
  11. There is a Better Way and we Have Created it
      • Welcome to Suffolk County Constable’s Office