Suffolk County Constable’s Office, Inc. (SCCO) was founded in 2003 by Suzanne Morrison.  The company’s mission was to fill a void we felt existed in the industry.  We sought to build SCCO based on the simple idea of truly understanding our clients needs and wants and what role we played in providing that.  What was their expectations and preferred outcome for each service we completed?  What would make their work easier and more effective?  We understood our role was more than just completing service when needed.  It was to create a product that would provide our clients with solutions for their problems.

SCCO is conveniently located in Dorchester at 161 Granite Ave.  Although most of our work is completed in and around the Boston area, our Constables hold several other city/town appointments outside of Suffolk County.  Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm, and by appointment on weekends and evenings.  Clients can reach our office via phone, email, or just simply walking in.  We work to make our staff available to answer any questions clients may have.

SCCO is divided into four departments; Capias/Warrant Apprehension Department, Civil Process Serving Department, Eviction Department, and the Judgment Recovery Department.  Collectively possessing over 50 years of Civil Law Enforcement knowledge and experience, with both male and female personal.  Our staff comes from a diverse employment background, with careers ranging from customer service management and software development to law enforcement and real estate.  Combining this all with constant continuing education in and out of office.

With knowledge and experience achieved by actually being in the field completing this work, it lead us to designing a proprietary, web based, customer relationship management software.  We use this software to create, update, and complete each one of our clients cases.  After which having every case historically saved and available at all times.  This system has helped us grow into one the most successful Civil Law Enforcement offices in Massachusetts.  Although large enough to handle all of your service needs, we pride ourselves on the small personal touch given to each of our clients.

So aren’t you tired of trying to contact your service provider and nobody answering?  Having to wait until the mail comes to know if your service request was completed?  Having your service provider show up unprofessionally dressed causing your notices to not be taken seriously?  Wasting time and money forced to re-serve cases because it wasn’t done correctly the first time.

SCCO is here to offer solutions to these problems, and many more.  We want to show you there is a better way out there, so we offer a 30 Day Guarantee to qualifying potential clients.  It’s pretty simple, try us for 30 days and if we do not exceed expectations we part ways at no charge to you.  Check out our 30 Day Guarantee page to learn more.