SCCO is divided into four main departments; Capias/Warrant Apprehension, Civil Process Serving, Eviction, and Judgment Recovery. Many times these departments cross over into each other. For example you may have evicted your tenant and now want to collect on the judgment that was awarded to you at court. This may require civil process served upon your former tenant, or a capias warrant for their arrest. We staff each department with professional, knowledgeable employees that are cross trained to handle not only their area of expertise, but other departments as well. Below is a brief overview of each department and some services each completes.

Capias/Warrant Apprehension Department

SCCO’s Capias/Warrant Apprehension Department helps our clients enforce court ordered capiases. This department completes service on all capias matters including but not limited to; Civil Action, Probate, Small Claims, Supplementary Process, and Housing Court.

To be awarded a capias typically happens when on the day of court the defendant in your case fails to appear, ignoring the courts orders. The Judge or Clerk Magistrate then awards you a capias allowing this defendant to be physically brought to court. So now what? SCCO enforces the court ordered capias. Allowing clients to choose the best option for enforcement. From surrendering the defendant to physical apprehension we make every effort to complete each case in the most timely, cost effective way possible.

Civil Process Serving Department

SCCO’s Civil Process Serving Department assists our clients with all their service needs including but not limited to; Probate Summons & Motions, Subpoenas, Summons, and Notices of all kinds.

In many situations time is of the essence. Waiting for originals to be mailed back and forth can cost valuable time. When requesting service from SCCO you have the option of emailing or faxing the documents you want served. We complete service mailing you back our return of service on a label that peels off and sticks to the original. While always keeping you up to date with email notification containing service details moments after completion. Our goal is to ensure our clients meet their constantly changing deadlines.

Eviction Department

SCCO’s Eviction Department helps our clients maintain and enforce the landlord/tenant agreement. This department completes service for all matters regarding landlord/tenant issues including but not limited to; Notices to Quit (30 Day, 14 Day, 7 Day, etc.), Summary Process Summons & Complaints, 48 Hour Notices/Physical Evictions, No Trespass Orders, and General Notices.

With dates and language being so important when dealing with evictions, you don’t have the time or money to make mistakes. Our reputation in the industry was earned by completing service professionally, properly, and timely. Evictions can be very expensive and time consuming. We know that in many cases our job is not to evict the tenant, but to effectuate proper services benefiting both parties when disputes of the landlord/tenant agreement arise.

Judgment Recovery Department

SCCO offers many options when it comes to collecting on your judgment. These options include but not limited to; Capias/Warrant Apprehension, Demands on Execution, and Levying of Assets.

We know the frustration that can come from having to chase down money that is rightfully yours. While the courts help with issuing judgments and court orders, who actually enforces them? This is where we come in. SCCO will explain what types of services we offer so you can best decide on your next step. Having all the facts in front of you will help you make an educated decision on what approach is worth your time and money.