Capias/Warrant Department

A Capias is a Civil Arrest Warrant issued against a specific party. Capiases are issued from a court when the defendant has failed to comply with a Court and/or Judge’s order. The Civil Capias usually derives from one of following actions:

(1) Probate Family and Child Support
(2) Small Claims
(3) Supplementary Process
(4) Civil suit
(5) Housing Court Evictions
(6) Failing to appear on a Subpoena

Once a capias is received a plaintiff, or his/her attorney (if not pro se) would bring the capias to a Constable for enforcement. Enforcement may be completed by one of two means, surrender or physical apprehension. Prices and process completion varying slightly.

Though a Capias is a civil warrant for arrest SCCO strongly recommends the Surrender option initially. This is the most cost effective as well as least imposing for all parties. If a defendant, or if acquired their attorney, fails to respond to amicable efforts of Surrender, SCCO is prepared to move forward with Physical Apprehension.

SCCO’s Warrant Apprehension Team is well equipped to handle all of your Capias needs from beginning to end. Our goal is to apprehend the defendant in the timeliest, most cost efficient manner as possible. At the same time the least imposing for all parties, plaintiff and defendant alike. Working closely with you the plaintiff, and the courts, we determine the best dates and times to effectuate the Capias.

All of our Officers are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Many of our Officers have military backgrounds; and/or municipality training, as well as hold certifications for aerosol, baton and handcuff measures. All of our officers are uniformed and properly identifiable when completing actions on your behalf. SCCO has a great inter-department operational relationship with local police departments which helps ensure safe and proficient handling.

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