30 Day Guarantee

We set out to improve our industry by focusing on improving our clients experience. We wanted to provide solutions to our clients problems that exceeded their expectations. Creating a company clients could trust and rely on to produce the same quality service every time.

So how is this done? Uniformed Constables completing each service ensuring it gets taken seriously. Custom designed software allowing us to have every one of your cases, old and new, at our finger tips. Have a question about a serving done six months ago? Contact us and we can provide everything regarding that case instantly. Want updates regarding status of your service request? We send an email when service is going out and after service is completed. Need service done same day? With a full staff of office administrators and Constables somebody is always there to answer your call and complete your service.

When speaking with potential clients we often get asked “what makes the service your company provides better than the others”? Our answer is always the same, actions speak louder than words. Let us show you instead of just telling you. That is why we came up with our 30 Day Guarantee. Try our office for thirty days. If at the end of that time you feel we didn’t deliver on what we promised, we will void all outstanding invoices for those thirty days. We truly believe that once you experience what SCCO has to offer you will use no other.

Please contact our office at (617) 265-0111 or email info@sccoboston.com to schedule a time to meet and go over policies and qualification requirements (*Some restrictions do apply). Start experiencing the SCCO Solutions today!