Over the years SCCO has completed actions against individuals as well as businesses. Though there are some variations between consumer and business levy actions, the core fundamentals is still a necessity. You need to be able to locate, determine ownership, and safely acquire property. Though on the surface this appears pretty straight forward, completion sometimes proves otherwise. An Office needs to have coverage that spans city, town and county lines. When Judgments get to the point of attempted satisfaction many Judgment Debtors/Defendants are aware and take precautions to minimize levy possibility. On the more difficult levy actions you will need an office that can effectuate at all hours and be ready at a moments notice.

SCCO understands that each case is unique. There are various aspects that need to be reviewed, determined, and acted upon that could produce variable results based on the slightest detail. You need an office that maintains its knowledge base and legal requirements on matters such as recent changes within Massachusetts Law. Changes that if not followed could subject your Constable or Sheriff to litigation. This could possibly cost you the case, or even worse encompassing you in litigation. It is advisable to ensure you have a Constable or Sheriff department that completes actions as allowed by law, as well as maintains some moral ethics through said completion.

With the economy changes we are all witnessing, more individuals and organizations, forced to enlist the services of the courts, and subsequently Attorneys, Constables or Sheriffs, to obtain monies due to them.

Suffolk County Constable’s Office noticed an industry with major deficiencies when it came to the Constables/Sheriffs handling Execution based process.

  • Unwillingness or inability to successfully work through various measures of the seizure process
  • Constables sub-contracting out their work, without your knowledge, to other Constables
  • Offices that do not have the proper resources to complete all aspects such as; RMV access; recreational vehicle access; auction knowledge/capabilities; software to track timed requirements post levy to ensure legal timelines are adhered to and followed; proper verbiage for auction notice, sale notice and Constable bill of sale.
  • Unprofessional appearance, demeanor or ethics that when completing service could lead to case forfeiture or more serious issues
  • Constables performing duties where they are not appointed and out of jurisdiction
  • Not having your best interest in mind by completing levy on items that are within exemption qualifiers, either through ignorance or greed

SCCO Solutions

  • Staff of 8 Constables plus office administrators allows someone always available to answer your questions and address your needs in the field
  • Resources to locate defendants and their assets
  • Software that helps us handle your case quickly and efficiently
  • Fully uniformed professional Constables make the Judgment Debtor/Defendant know you mean business
  • All Officers know and adhere to Mass General Laws when effectuating service
  • With our monetary revenue NOT driven solely by levy actions, we always seek to minimize cost and exposure for our clients, while still ensuring an above average success rate in the completions of Levy actions

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