With thousands of eviction cases filed in Massachusetts Courts each year, unwanted and non-performing units are one of the biggest financial drains on your bottom line.  Suffolk County Constable’s Office (SCCO) understands your goal isn’t always to remove that tenant, having to go through the entire eviction process.  This can be costly and timely.  Instead in many cases you would prefer that tenant adhere to the agreement and maintain their tenancy.  Constantly tenant turn over is never an ideal situation for any Property Manager/Landlord.  Whatever your intent when enlisting our service for any eviction process, your goal is our goal.

Through the years we have noticed some major deficiencies in our industry.  Constables and Sheriffs not using all resources at their disposal, with no attention paid to what outcome clients truly want from each service.  When SCCO stepped back and looked at the industry this is what we saw far too often:

  • Lack of timely service, setting you backs weeks or months, and potentially costing you thousands
  • Improper service that could be deemed insufficient notice
  • Constables sub-contracting work, without your knowledge, to other Constables or even process servers
  • Unprofessional appearance/demeanor leading your eviction notices to not be taken seriously
  • Constables performing duties where they are not appointed
  • Not having your best interest in mind, preferring cases go to physical eviction for monetary reasons

SCCO Offers Professional Solutions for Professional Problems

We started by creating a company that align their strategies with our clients.  To understand our clients problems and what our role could be to provide solutions.   We believe their is a better way, and we have created it.

We Believe… Image Makes a Difference

How important do you think appearance is when serving eviction civil process?  Would you allow your employees to show up in jeans, t-shirt and sandals?  Of course not, you know that when meeting somebody clothing is the most influential factor in making an impression.  So what does the appearance of your eviction civil process service provider convey to the parties they are serving upon?  Do you think their appearance makes your service request get taken seriously?

Suffolk County Constable’s Office believes that when we are on location to complete service we are not only representing our office, but yours as well.  We make sure every one of our Constables effectuating service is fully uniformed and identifiable.  This uniform conveys to your tenant the severity of the matter, showing them you are taking this situation seriously and that they better.

We Believe… Reputation is Everything

Reputation is a highly efficient and influential mechanism of social control in society.  SCCO is out in the field every day completing Civil Arrests, Evictions, Probate Service, Utility Warrants, Judgment Recovery, and many more services for our wide array of clients.  This work provides visibility in the community and proof that we have the ability to follow through to the end with every service we perform.  If a defendant were served a civil warrant surrender notice and had to make the decision whether to comply, or brush it off, do you think that having seen our office physically arrest defendants before for something similar plays a role in their decision of what to do?  If your a property manager, and have to deal with the eviction process, how much money would you save your company if just one physical eviction could be avoided because the tenant decided to leave voluntarily.  That decision is what can either lose or save you time and money.

We Believe… In Putting Ourselves Out of Work

Our success is measured by how little you need our services not how much.  You may think this doesn’t seem like a good business plan, but ask yourself when you call upon your Constable or Sheriff what do you hope the end result will be?  To get the service done quickly and correctly?  Well of course, that is our job, shouldn’t that be expected?  Do you really send service thinking “I hope it gets done right this time”?  Think of it this way, do you purchase a new car hoping it will work?  No, you expect it to work.  You hope it provides a solution to a problem.  What should your expectations be for your Constable or Sheriff?

When SCCO serves a 14 day notice to quit we want the situation to be resolved by the tenant prior to any further service having to take place.  Having to serve that same tenant with summary process, then physically evicting them, can be very expensive.  How much money would you save if you could avoid that physical eviction?

We Believe… In Useful Communication

Would you want email notification upon completion of your service?  If you were at court and misplaced the return of service you need, would you like to be able to simply pick up the phone have it faxed or emailed to you instantly?  Would you want your Constable able to pull up any of your cases with notes, attachments, and case details in a split second?  Technology can play a large role in creating this advantage.  Why isn’t your current service provider using technology to your advantage?  Too expensive?  Don’t understand it?  Don’t see the value?  Who knows, but if it makes your job easier shouldn’t it be used?

Our proprietary designed software tracks every service we do in our system with notes and details specific to your case. If we speak with anybody or notice something on scene when completing your service that provides useful information, we document it in our system and notify you.  Email notifications are sent when your request has gone out for service, and after service has been completed, including specific details regarding how service was completed.  This pro-active approach takes the worry and wonder out of if and when your service is being completed.

We Believe… Knowledge is Power

SCCO employees go through continuous in and out of office training.  They take this training out in the field to ensure that rules and laws are followed when completing your service.  One mistake can cost you months in the eviction process.  These months in turn cost you money.  Do not make the mistake of thinking every Constable or Sheriff obviously knows the rules and laws of service or they wouldn’t have this job.  This is just not true.  You need an office that prides itself on keeping up to date on every issue facing landlord tenant relationships.  When rules and laws change you do not want to assume that your service provider will adhere to those changes, or even know about them.

SCCO 30 Day Guarantee

Try our services for 30 days. If at the end of the 30 days you don’t think we delivered on what we promised, we will void the invoices. How can you go wrong with that? We are confident that once you begin using SCCO you will use no other. Check out our 30 Day Guarantee page for more details.