Once you receive the Execution for Possession from court (typically 10 days from the judgment date) you may now bring this to SCCO to begin the process of physical eviction.

For residential properties (commercial no notice is necessary) prior to the physical eviction the tenant must be served a 48 hour notice.  The 48 hour notice will state date, time, Constable’s name, moving company and the warehouses address where the tenant’s belongings will be stored.  This notice must be a full 48 hours not including weekend and holidays.  The scheduled date of move has to coincide with court hours and days of operation for all residential properties (commercial properties can be moved out on Saturdays).  Prior to serving the 48 hour notice the moving company must be booked for that date and time.  All fees for the moving company and the Constable must be paid in full prior to serving the 48 hour notice.  If there is a cancellation, fees would be determined based on when proper notification of the cancellation took place.

Once on scene we will begin by securing the property and removing anyone still inside the premises.  We then take pictures/video of the unit noting any damage that we see.  We post a ”No Trespassing” sign on the door making it very clear that if the evicted tenant tries to re-enter the premises they could be criminally charged.  The movers will then remove all of the tenant(s) belongings, bringing them to their licensed and bonded warehouse.  Whichever moving company is chosen will determine the tenants responsibility for storage costs.

After the property has been secured and emptied of all the tenant’s belongings we will give possession of the property back to the landlord.  The landlord will want to change the locks while the Constable is on scene.

Back at our office we complete a return of service stating the manner in which the tenant was moved out citing total cost of the eviction.  This return of service along with the original execution for possession will be returned to the landlord/court.  At this point you can choose to begin the process of trying to recover the money it cost you to evict your tenant and any other money awarded to you.  Visit our Judgment Recovery section to learn more.

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