A 14 day notice to quit is used to terminate tenancy due to non-payment of rent.  This notice takes effect from the date the tenant receives the notice.  Once this time frame has expired, and if the tenant has not cured the amount due, you are able to move on to the next step in the eviction process.

With a 14 day notice to quit tenants have the right to cure (pay and stay) the non-payment of rent.  The time allowed to cure differ from one type of tenancy to the next.  A tenant at will has 10 days from when the notice was received to pay in full the amount that is owed.  If it is the tenant’s second 14 day notice to quit within the last 12 calendar months, they may not be afforded the right to cure.  Meanwhile a tenant under lease has up until the answer date to pay all of the rent owed, interest on the amount owed, plus the landlord’s cost of filing an eviction case.

The type of tenancy you have, and the language contained in your lease, will determine the specific language needed in your 14 day notice to quit.

The 14 day notice to quit will also need to include; Landlord’s name(s), address, and contact information as well as tenant’s name(s), address, amount owed, for what months, and rent per month.

Once the notice is ready to be served one of our Constables will effectuate service upon your tenant.  SCCO makes every effort to serve that tenant in-hand.  If the tenant is not served in-hand, then a copy is left at the last and usual residence along with a copy mailed First Class.

After service is effectuated our office will complete a Return of Service stating the date, time, and manner (in-hand, last and usual) in which the tenant was served.  This return of service is typically completed on the back of the notice served, then mailed to the landlord to keep for their records.  DO NOT LOSE THIS; YOU WILL NEED THIS NOTICE, WITH THE RETURN OF SERVICE, IF YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO THE NEXT STEP.

Please check your lease for specific language and notice requirements as all leases are not the same.

Request a 14 Day Notice to Quit