Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?  Sending a serving request to your Constable/Sheriff for them to take over a week to complete service and mail back their return of service. Originals and pre-payment required prior to any service being completed?  Left wondering if and when your service was completed? Forced to call your Constable/Sheriff repeatedly inquiring as to disposition, but no one answers? Servings being improperly completed, or constantly hearing claims the Defendant never received service? Sometimes it even appears your business is a nuisance to them? For too long this has been the acceptable norm, industry wide. We set our sites on changing that perception.


Our goal is to make working with SCCO as convenient as possible.  With the ability to email, fax, mail, drop-off, and even submit you service request through our website. In many cases our office does not require originals to complete service. No more worrying about mail being delayed or even lost. No pre-payment required to complete service. We send you the invoice with our return of service label to your office.


SCCO strives to serve everything within 24 hours of receipt, with the ability to complete same day service upon request.  We are large enough to handle all of your service needs, but focused enough to maintain that personal touch.  When you call, somebody will answer and be able to address your questions and/or update you immediately regarding your case.


SCCO completes service fully uniformed and identifiable, understanding we represent your company as well as ours in the field. Appearance is critical in ensuring your serving is taken seriously.


Our proprietary software allows us to track your serving from request to completion.  Once your service request is processed we notify you via email with the proposed service date.  After service completion an email follows with detailed information outlining how said service was completed; followed up with our return of service. All current and previous cases served for our clients are historically saved under their account, allowing for quick accessibility to all cases, at all times.

Knowledge & Experience

SCCO’s knowledgeable and experienced staff ensures your request is served correctly the first time.  One bad service can delay, or even lose an entire case. Just walking up steps and throwing the serving down in front of the door with the rest of the mail is not acceptable.  You want your servings to drive specific desired results, whether it is for a witness to appear or a Defendant to respond to your Summons and Complaint.  If the Defendant never gets the serving then the chance of that disappears.

30 Day Guarantee

If your only concern is the lowest price then we are not the Service Provider for you.  If you prefer the job done efficiently, effectively, and correctly with the least amount of effort and process on your side, then SCCO should be you Service Provider of choice!  To prove that we offer perspective clients our 30 Day Guarantee. Let us show you why we are better.