Current State of the Industry

You send a capias to your Constable/Sheriff.  He/she then sends out a letter to each Defendant stating the date and time they are required to surrender at court.  The Constable/Sheriff shows up to the courthouse on that assigned date hoping the Defendant shows up.  If/when they do not appear another generic letter is sent hoping they surrender this time. Why is it done like this? Because that’s the easiest way for the Constable/Sheriff. They do not have to worry about people calling there office bothering them with questions. The date is set and their job is done until court. Does this seem like the best approach to produce results?

SCCO Solution

SCCO chooses to begin the process a bit differently.  Our Civil Warrant Notices do not have a specified date and time that the Defendant must surrender at court.  SCCO sends a Civil Warrant Notice stating we are in possession of a Civil Warrant for the Defendant’s arrest. The Defendant is required to contact our office immediately to be assigned their surrender date and time.

This contact requirement allows us to capture and verify/ confirm the Defendant’s current address, best number to reach them, and their knowledge and willingness to resolve the case. We schedule the surrender date, but also give the Defendant the option of contacting the Plaintiff to resolve the matter in lieu of court appearance. This benefits all parties, as well as court, when all parties can remedy amicably. Items such as Attorney coverage needs/cost; usage of valuable court resources; as well as Defendant not needing to take a day off, if employed, entering agreement if undisputed.

The Effect of a Uniform

If and when that Defendant chooses not to respond to the initial letter, we take the next step.  We send a Constable out to their location to serve a surrender notice demonstrating the severity of the matter.

Most debtors receive letter after letter regarding their delinquent accounts.  But when a uniformed Constable from our office shows up knocking on their door, how serious do you think the Defendant takes the matter now?

The Importance of Reputation

From evictions to search warrants SCCO performs all actions allowable under Massachusetts General Laws.  So how does that affect your business?  SCCO’s vast knowledge; encompassing data base; and constant presence in the community completing all actions allowable has given us a great reputation.  A reputation that can only be earned through years of hard work and willingness to get jobs done that others cannot or will not.  We are prepared and equipped to complete service through every stage of the process allowed by law.

Defendant’s need to understand that a Capias is a Warrant for their arrest, able to be completed through amicable surrender or Physical Apprehension. Defendant’s may know the process and brush off letters thinking that nobody is actually going to physically arrest them. Just because your office typically may not proceed/request physical arrests, does not mean that this could not be a course of action based on individual case history or Defendant history across multiple cases.

Technology Working For You

It appears that technological improvements have been lost on the average Constable and Sheriff. SCCO embraces technology as a way to better serve our clients, achieving their goals from each case.  We input each Capias we receive into our proprietary software, tracking each step of our Capias process.  When a Defendant contacts our office we use that as an opportunity to gather valuable and accurate information like active phone numbers and valid residential address. All gathered information is inputted into that case for current and future use. Should this Defendant be subject of another action through SCCO, this information on hand could be invaluable. This process also benefits the Defendant in the aspects of proper notification on case developments; ensuring accurate proper and diligent service.

What Are You Really Being Charged?

Is your Constable or Sheriff charging you for every single Capias they work regardless of outcome?  SCCO works on a contingency basis with our clients.  In most cases if we do not produce any results then we do not charge. Based on that who has more incentive to produce results, SCCO or them?

Time For a Change

Add all these benefits together comparing them to what your current service provider.  Who do you think will produce greater, more consistent results?  SCCO will provide solutions that will increase your bottom line.  Call us today to set up a meeting with our team so we can specifically tailor our system to fit your needs.

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