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Suzanne Morrison, Owner & President Suzanne was first appointed a Boston Constable in 2003. Growing up and living in the community of Dorchester, she wanted to open her … More



SCCO is divided into four main departments; Capias/Warrant Apprehension, Civil Process Serving, Eviction, and Judgment Recovery. Many times these departments cross over into each … More


Capias/Warrant Department

A Capias is a Civil Arrest Warrant issued against a specific party. Capiases are issued from a court when the defendant has failed to comply with a Court and/or Judge’s order. The … More


Civil Process Serving Department

The service of civil process plays a crucial role in cases brought before the court. Proper service is crucial in winning and achieving the desired resolution with your case. To … More


Eviction Department

Being a Landlord in Massachusetts can be a difficult and costly responsibility. Despite efforts to prevent renting to trouble tenants, inevitably you may have to deal with some … More

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Judgment Recovery Department

A Judgment is a ruling by that respective court regarding the case presented before them. In short it is the written decision of the facts and law supporting the court’s decision.  … More


New Website Design

Suffolk County Constable's Office is pleased to announce the release of our newly designed website.  Our website is intended to be interactive with our clients and we welcome any … More

Working With SCCO

Welcome to Suffolk County Constable’s Office.  We are excited that you have chosen us as your service provider.  We are committed to providing you the best service possible. Below … More

New Clients Needed!

Suffolk County Constable's Office works hard to provide service that exceeds our clients expectations and raises the bar for all others.  We prefer to spend most of our time and … More

Court Records Online

Wondering if your new rental applicant has ever had an eviction case filed against them in Housing Court?  How many times have you said "I wish the courts had some database online … More

Eviction Process

This Flowchart is intended to help clients get an idea of the steps in the eviction process.  It only covers the basic process for eviction without going into detail.  There are … More

30 Day Guarantee

We set out to improve our industry by focusing on improving our clients experience. We wanted to provide solutions to our clients problems that exceeded their expectations. … More